A great way to get to know another side of Hiroshima and its people!

Michelle, Australia

Why take a travel buddy?

Get to those hard to reach places

Japan is full of awesome, out of the way places that tourists have yet to discover.

But getting to them can be something of a challenge.

A Hiroshima Travel Buddy acts as your personal guide.

Stay on the right track

Your Hiroshima Travel Buddy will meet you at the start of your journey.

Their first job is to make sure you get on the right bus or train. 

From there they will help you along your way smoothing out any obstacles you may meet.


Your friend in Japan

Hiroshima Travel Buddies not only help you get from A to B, but are a window into local culture.

They will provide a bridge between you and locals you meet along the way.

Take this opportunity to ask all those questions you have about life in Japan.

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